Dale Lueck - Candidate District 10B
Minnesota House of Representatives

Conservative Common Sense Values

Social Issues - Christian Based
Strong Families - the basis for a healthy and successful society
Right to Life - society must protect those that can not protect themselves
Marriage - is a fundamental relationship between one man & one woman

Fiscal Issues
Government must live within its means, spending no more than it collects
Government must earn tax revenue, citizens are customers, not cash cows

Business Climate
Jobs are created in Greater Minnesota by a Healthy Business Climate
Regulatory & Tax Policy must support job creation, not stifle job growth

Put our children first - the United States is falling behind the rest of the world in education achievement - time to refocus on scholastic achievement

School Boards need fiscal stability - pay-up what is owed to school districts and quit using education funding as a budget balancing gimmick!

Environmental Policy
Environmental policy must support a healthy industrial base in Greater Minnesota
Industry and a clean healthy environment can coexist - when science based regulations are adopted

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