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Message from Dale

Dear Fellow Citizens,
I respectfully request your support for reelection to the House of Representatives District 10B seat. I pledge to continue to carry forward the common sense conservative values that have kept us free and made this country strong and prosperous.

Today we face many challenges that must be resolved to ensure our children and grandchildren are afforded the same wonderful freedoms and opportunity our parents handed down to us.

We must ensure government is focused on the right things. That is public safety, the health and wellbeing of our local communities, education of our children, modern roads and bridges and a vigorous growing private sector.

We must encourage, not stifle private sector job creation. Creation of well paying private sector jobs provides opportunity for the next generation of young people. We must not stifle that growth with excessive regulation, red tape and unwarranted taxation.

God blessed each of us with the gift of life and the ability to serve our fellow citizens. We must encourage self-sufficiency, and personal responsibility by supporting individual success and independence, rather than entitlement.

I want to hear from you on how we can make state government part of the solution, not the problem!